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این وبلاگ برای تمام عزیزانی که به علوم زیستی علاقه دارند ایجاد شده و از همه چیز و همه جا که مرتبط با زیست شناسی باشد اطلاعات میدهد
جمعه 11 اردیبهشت‌ماه سال 1388

Survey of Shazand Lizards

























     Lizards, as one of most numerous groups of reptiles, contains about 3000 species. Their role in the terrestrial ecosystems,…….. and….. is very crucial and important. Much have been done by the zoologist to identify and classify these animals that the outcome of such studies have resulted in recognition of several new specis during the recent years.

       Markazi province is among the areas in which no considerable investigation has already been done on its the lizards. So here I tried to collect, identify and classify the lizards of Shazand area in southwestern part of the province. In total 115 specimens of the from four families of lizards were collected, identified and classified as follows:

۱. Agamidae, two genus and 5 species.

2. Geckonidae, two genus and two species.

3. Lacertidae, three genera and three species.

4. Scincidae, two genera and two species.

      The predominant species of reptiles in the area was the lacertid species, Ohisops elegans, this might be attributed to the geological topographic of the area, which is best fit to the ecological requirements of this taxon, as well as lack of sever predators and successful camouflage.

      Statistical analysis of the metric and meristic  morphological characters (e.g. coloration, scalation) clearly indicated that O. elegans specimens in the area can be grouped into two distinct clade morphologically. The high degree of intraspecific and interpopulation variation among the populations of Ophisops elegans of the study area may implies that this localiy is occupied by this taxon since long ago. The other possible scenario for interpretation of this phenomenon may be that the Ophisops populations are the result of a hybridization event and therefore come from two different lineages or may it is a mixed species. Each of these scenarios are still to be investigated.

Key Words: Survey , Lizards , Reptiles , Phone , Founa , Shazand , Central province   

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